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In 1994, just a year after the first prototypes were created in Anthony and Susan Marfione's apartment, the release of the UDT marked the official beginning of Microtech. The company began renting a building in Vero Beach, Florida, which quickly expanded to nearby empty buildings as the demand for a larger facility became apparent. Since then, Microtech has carved itself a place in history by building a long-standing tradition of innovation and quality that leaves an impression on its customers.

Some memorable moments include:

1995 brought the release of the HALO, which has become a prominent line throught Microtech's history and earned the cover spot of the 1995 edition of Fighting Knives magazine.

The Ultratech, the most popular Microtech ever, first hit production. Microtech also earned Blade Magazine's Manufacturing Quality Award for the second year in a row.

Microtech released the company's first balisong knife, the Tachyon, which was later followed by the Tachyon II and the Metalmark in 2012. The Lightfoot Compact Combat was awarded Blade Magazine's Knife Collaboration of the Year, and Anthony Marfione was also featured in "Le Chasseur à L'arc" for the uniquely designed Tomahawk.

The MTX2 was awarded American Made Knife of the year by Blade Magazine, while the original, limited run of the Currahee was produced for testing by the United States Special Forces.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Microtech relocated from Vero Beach, Florida to their current factory in Bradford, Pennsylvania.

Microtech's sister company, Microtech Small Arms Research (MSAR) engineered the original STG-5.56, becoming the first knife company to establish a firearms division.

With their recent expansion into the firearms industry, Microtech & MSAR set up a second shop in Fletcher, North Carolina to better meet the increased production demands.

Microtech's Select Fire won Most Innovative American Design at Blade Show 2011.

After a successful Blade Show, where the Socom Delta won American Made Knife of the Year, Anthony Marfione entered into a collaboration with Mick Strider to create the DOC. 2012 also marked the launch of the Siphon, Microtech's first high end pen. Both of these pieces were originally only launched as Marfione Custom's products.

MSAR introduces the new line of XM Series magazines.

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